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Press Releases

February 20, 2019 Advances in Pain Management Mean Less Pain After Joint Replacement Surgery

November 9, 2018 Fall Prevention Measures Can Prevent Serious Injury

November 5, 2018 Study by Dr. Westrich Finds “Dual Mobility” Hip Replacement Implant Good Option for Revision Hip Surgery Patients

June 15, 2018 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named “Top Doctor” in Highly Regarded Consumer Guides

March 6, 2018 Study Finds “Dual Mobility” Hip Replacement Reduces Risk of Dislocation

January 8, 2018 Dr. Westrich’s Patient Writes “Diary of a Hippie,” a Book about His Hip Replacement Experience to Help Others Considering Surgery

December 18, 2017 Hip Pain: When to See a Doctor

July 26, 2017 On Fourth of July, Patient Thanks Orthopedic Surgeon for Restoring Her Independence

June 4, 2017 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named Top Orthopedic Surgeon in New York Magazine’s Best Doctors Issue

May 14, 2017 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named to New York “Super Doctors” List

May 1, 2017 Could IV Acetaminophen Reduce the Need for Opioid Medication After Hip Replacement Surgery?

March 18, 2017 Considering a Double Knee Replacement? Here’s What You Need to Know

November 29, 2016 Partial Knee Replacement Gives World Traveler a Leg Up: Extensive Research Led Forensic Psychologist to Hospital for Special Surgery from Virginia

June 1, 2016 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named Top Doctor in Orthopedic Surgery in New York Magazine’s Best Doctors Guide

May 24, 2016 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named to "Super Doctors" List of Top Orthopedic Surgeons

March 1, 2016 New Use for an Old Drug: TXA to Reduce Blood Loss in Joint Replacement Surgery

June 21, 2015 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named President of Eastern Orthopaedic Association

May 21, 2015 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named to New York “Super Doctors” List

April 15, 2015 Dual Mobility Hip: New Option in Hip Replacement Doubly Advantageous

December 20, 2014 Allergic to Metal in Knee Replacement: Desperate for Help, Patient Travels to New York to See Dr. Westrich

September 23, 2014 Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery Benefits Patients Who Refuse to Take Arthritis Sitting Down

March 14, 2014 Study: Losing or Gaining Weight Affects How Well Patients Do After Joint Replacement

March 11, 2014 Study Using Interactive Driving Simulator Determines When It’s Safe to Drive After Hip Replacement

June 24, 2013 Patients Needing Revision Surgery After Hip or Knee Replacement Should See a Specialist with Extensive Experience

May 22, 2013 Intensive Home Rehab, New Option, Gives Patients a Leg Up After Knee Replacement

January 28, 2013 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named in “America’s Top Doctors” Guide

August 14, 2012 Not Too Young for Knee Replacement: 34 Year-Old Resumes Active Lifestyle, Lands TV Job After Joint Replacement

December 12, 2011 After Hip Replacement Surgery — “Video Game” Tests Driving Skills

June 2011 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named Top Doctor in Orthopedic Surgery in New York Magazine’s Best Doctors Guide

May 16, 2011 Top Myths about Arthritis: Knowing the Facts Can Help You Manage the Disease

January 27, 2011 When the Weather and Walkways are Treacherous, Slow and Steady are the Way to Go

January 18, 2010 Dr. Westich Study: Combining Two Standard Treatments Can Give Patients a Leg Up on Knee Arthritis

November 6, 2009 Referral from Olympic Gold Medal Champion Brings Russian Businessman to Dr. Westrich for Hip Replacement

July 24, 2008 Olympic Buzz Gets Occasional Athletes Up and Running: Tips for Injury Prevention

March 2008 One More Reason to Take that Weight Off: Dr. Westrich Study Finds Losing Weight Before Knee Replacement Can Improve Outcome

January 2008 Dr. Geoffrey Westrich Named Top Doctor in Orthopedic Surgery

November 27, 2007 Partial Knee Replacements Become More Common as Knees of Active Baby Boomers Begin to Wear Out

April 5, 2007 Tony Award-Winning Singer/Actress Melba Moore Makes On-Stage Comeback, Resumes Busy Lifestyle After Hip Replacement Surgery Performed by Dr. Westrich

March 15, 2006 Dr. Westrich Saves a Woman's Leg after Five Doctors Give Her Little Hope

January 2006 New Year, New Knee: Advances in Treating Arthritis Give Patients New Options

April 2005 Custom-Designed Knee Replacement is Literally What Doctor Ordered

March 24, 2005 Award-Winning Study by Dr. Westrich Shows Genetic Predisposition to Blood Clots

January 27, 2005 Little-Known Hip Problem Causes Years of Pain for Many

November 1, 2004 Study Combining Two Standard Arthritis Treatments Has Good Results

September 2004 New Techniques Revolutionize Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery, Give People with Arthritis a New Lease on Life

May 2004 Deep Vein Thrombosis—or DVT—Not Well Known by Public, but Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

February 2004 Avoid a Meltdown When Hitting the Slopes—Tips for Safe Skiing and Snowboarding

January 20, 2004 Tips for Fall Prevention on Slippery Streets

January 9, 2004 Study Aims to Give Patients a Leg Up on Knee Arthritis

October 1, 2003 New Implant Used in Hip Replacement Benefits Younger Patients with Arthritis

Tips for Fall Prevention in the Home

Tips for Fall Prevention Outdoors in Winter

May 1, 2003 New Technique Revolutionizes Total Hip Replacement – "MINI" hip replacement brings MAXIMUM benefit to patients

May 1, 2003 Warm Weather has Baby Boomers Up and Running – But too much exercise, too soon may have painful consequences

April 2003 Undiagnosed Hip Problem Causes Needless Suffering

March 2003 Osteoporosis: Men Get It, Too